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FREE IPTV List Premium Italy HD/SD Channels M3U Playlist 13-09-2018

FREE IPTV List Premium Italy HD/SD Channels M3U Playlist 13-09-2018

Today we are sharing  Bein sport channels ,Exlusive free iptv m3u list full free premium with premium channels also with HD and SD quality.Lists are mostly m3u files,you can easily open with any player with no problem.All streams are tested and working,if the links are not playing it might be of the weak internet or the list has expired.We offer you the latest update and the most stable and powerful m3u file,without freezing or interruption.

To get high performances we suggest to install VLC Media Player to get best quality of channels on your computer or laptop free Iptv m3u links can easily opened through PC,Smartphones,Laptops,Android Boxes,Mag Boxes.If the playlist which you have downloaded skip automatically,please press the Loop button on Vlc as in the photo below.Leave your comment about what lists you suggest to post us for you.Thanks.


ITV FHD 3 [1920x1080]
ITV BE FHD [1920x1088]
ITV BE FHD [1024x720]
ITV Tyne Tees N [704x576]
ITV FHD 1 [1920x1088]
 Premium Sport 1 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Sport 2 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Calcio 1 HD [720x576]
 Super Tennis HD [720x576]
 Premium Calcio 2 HD [720x576]
 Premium Calcio 5 HD [720x576]
 Premium Calcio 6 HD [720x576]
 Premium Calcio 3 HD [1280x736]
 Juventus Channel [1280x736]
 Milan Channel [1280x736]
 INTER CHANNEL [1280x736]
 Premium Calcio 4 HD [704x576]
 Rai Sport 2 HD [704x576]
 ROMA CHANNEL [1280x736]
 Eurosport 2 HD [720x576]
 Eurosport 1 HD [720x576]
 Rai Sport 2 HD [704x576]
 Sport Italia [720x576]
 Rai 1 HD [1280x720]
 RAI 2 HD [720x576]
 RAI 3 HD [720x576]
 Rai 4 HD [720x576]
 Rai 5 HD [720x576]
 Rai 1 HD [720x576]
 Rai 2 [720x576]
 Rai 3 [720x576]
 Rai 4 HD [720x576]
 Rai 5 HD [384x224]
 Rai Premium [624x352]
 Rai Movie [720x576]
 Rai Storia [1920x1080]
 Rai Scuola [640x368]
 Rai Nettuno [640x352]
 Italia 1 HD [1024x720]
 Italia 1 HD [1024x720]
 Italia 2 HD [720x576]
 Rete 4 HD [1280x720]
 Rete 4 HD [1024x720]
 Mediaset Extra [720x576]
 IRIS [720x576]
 Cielo [720x576]
 LA5 [720x576]
 Quarta Rete TV [720x480]
 La 7 HD [720x416]
 LA 7D [1280x720]
 Rai Gulp [720x416]
 Boing [720x576]
 Rai Yoyo [720x576]
 K2 [720x576]
 Cartoonito [720x576]
 Frisbee [720x576]
 Super! [720x576]
 MAN GA [1280x736]
 Disney XD [720x576]
 Disney Junior [1280x736]
 Disney Channel HD [1280x736]
 Cartoon Network [720x576]
 Masha e Orso Channel [1280x720]
 Masha and Bear [640x480]
 Kung Fu Panda Mitiche avventure Channel [1280x720]
 Premium Cartoon Network [720x576]
 Fox Life HD [1280x736]
 Fox HD [720x576]
 FOX CRIME HD ITA [1280x720]
 FOX ANIMATION [1280x720]
 AXN HD [1920x1088]
 Fox Comedy HD [1280x736]
 Paramount Channel Ita HD [720x576]
 Premium Cinema 1 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Cinema HD (ENG) [1280x720]
 Premium Cinema 1 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Cinema 24 HD [720x576]
 Premium Cinema 24 HD [720x576]
 Premium Cinema 2 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Cinema 2 24 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Action HD [1024x720]
 Premium Action +24 HD [1280x720]
 Premium Comedy HD [704x576]
 Premium Comedy HD [704x576]
 Premium Energy +1 [1280x720]
 Premium Energy HD [1280x720]
 Premium Emotion HD [720x576]
 Premium Joy HD [720x416]
 Premium Emotion HD [720x576]
 Premium Stories [720x576]
 Premium Joy HD [720x576]
 Premium Joy +24 [720x576]
 Premium Crime HD [1920x1088]
 TOP Crime Mediaset [720x576]
 Premium Crime 24 HD [720x576]
 Premium Crime +24 [720x576]
 Premium Studio Universal [1280x720]
 Premium Crime 24 HD [720x576]
 Vetrina Primafila [1280x720]
 Giallo [720x576]
  Primafila Live [1920x1080]
 PRIMAFILA 3D (Avengers Infinity War) [1920x816]
 Real Time [720x576]
 Real Time +1 [720x576]
 Premium Discovery HD [1280x720]
 Discovery Channel HD [1280x720]
 Discovery Science HD [1280x720]
 Discovery Travel & Living HD [1280x720]
 National Geographic HD [1280x720]
 Nat Geo People HD [1280x720]
 Nat Geo Wild HD [1280x720]
 History Channel [720x576]
 AutoMoto TV [1920x1080]
 Fishing Tv italiano [544x576]
 Animal Planet HD [720x576]
 Dmax HD [720x576]
 Dmax HD [544x576]
 Dmax 1 [1920x1080]
 QVC Italia [1920x1080]
 Gambero Rosso [1280x720]
 Alice [640x480]
 Rai News 24 [704x400]
 TG Norba 24 [720x416]
 TG Com 24 Premium [720x576]
 Euronews Italiano [400x224]
 Tele Arena Siena [720x416]
 TeleBari Tv [720x480]
 Sardegna Uno TV [640x368]
 TeleNorba TV [720x416]
 Video Tolento [512x288]
 Video 33 TV [640x368]
 Vera TV [480x320]
 TV Luna [480x368]
 Tv Avicenza [768x448]
 TRM TV [512x304]
 Trentino TV [864x480]
 TeleVenezia [640x368]
 TeleTicino [640x368]
 TeleRadioSciacca [640x480]
 TelePace Tv [544x304]
 TeleDehonTV [640x368]
 Tele Video Agrigento [640x368]
 Tele Padova Telecitt [512x384]
 Teleromagna News [864x480]
 Tele Milano [352x288]
 Tele Boario [512x288]
 TcsTV [720x576]
 RtpTV [640x480]
 ReteBiella TV [1088x624]
 Alto Adige [864x480]
 Alpa Uno TV [320x256]
 ReteSole Lazio [320x240]
 ReteSole Umbria [320x240]
 Orler TV [720x432]
 Onda TV [640x368]
 Antenna Sicilia TV [1920x1080]
 Fano TV [320x240]
 Di TV 1 [480x304]
 Di TV 2 [480x304]
 Di TV 3 [480x304]
 CTS TV [720x576]
 Tele8 [320x240]
 E20 Sicilia [640x368]
 Rete 55 Live [704x576]
 Vitalia1 [352x288]
 Vitalia2 [320x240]
 Vitalia3 [320x240]
 Studio 100 [640x368]
 VisualRadio TV (musica) [640x368]
 Video Brescia [832x480]
 TVRS [864x480]
 TV2000 [720x416]
 TeleSondrioNews [1280x720]
 TeleSondrio Livigno [1280x720]
 TeleMonteNeve [640x368]
 Radio Radicale TV [480x368]
 Radio Radicale Senato TV [480x368]
 Radio Radicale Camera TV [480x368]
 m2o (musica) [640x368]
 Radio Bruno TV (musica) [720x416]
 Radio Taormina TV (musica) [720x416]
 Super TV [832x480]
 Caffe Tv 24 [1280x720]
 Teleliguria Sud [1920x1080]
 TeleMonteNeve3 [640x368]
 TeleReporter [352x288]
 TeleRoma 56 Lazio [480x272]
 TeleStar1 [720x576]
 Televaldarno RTV38 [1920x1080]
 Cremona 1 [1920x1080]
 Primarete Lombardia [1920x1080]
 Radio Tv Azzura [1920x1080]
 Radio Universal TV [1920x1080]
 Tele Pordenone [1920x1080]
 Telecolor Lombardia [1920x1080]
 Teleromagna Lifestyle [1920x1080]
 Umbria TV [368x288]
 VideoLina [704x416]
 Radio Bruno TV (musica) [1920x1080]
 Tele Diogene [1920x1080]
 OTTO 8fm TV (music) [640x480]
 RTL 102.5 TV (musica) [720x416]
 RTV 105 [720x432]
 RadioMonteCarlo [720x432]
 Radio Norba TV [720x416]
 Radio Italia TV [720x480]
 PRIMAFILA 15 Live (Cicogne in Missione) [1920x816]
 PRIMAFILA 17 Live (Trolls) [1024x768]
 MotoGP [1920x1088]
 PRIMAFILA PRO Live 3D (Animali fantastici e dove trovarli 3D) [1024x768]
 Focus [720x576]
 Suedtirol TV [384x288]
 San Marino Rtv Sport [640x368]
 RAI 1 HD [1280x720]
 RAI 2 HD [960x544]
 Rai 3 HD [960x544]
 Rai 5 HD [960x544]
 RAI 4 [960x544]
 RAI Movie [1024x576]
 Rai Gulp [720x416]
 Rai News 24 [704x400]
 Rai yoyo [1920x1088]
 RAI Storia [1280x720]
 RAI Premium [1024x576]
 Rai Scuola [720x576]
 Rai Sport HD [704x400]
 INTER CHANNEL [1280x736]
 DMAX HD [1280x720]
 Rai Sport 2 HD [704x400]
 Alice [720x576]
 Premium Cartoon Network [1920x1088]
 K2 [1280x720]
 Lazio channel [1280x736]
 Mediaset 1 HD [960x544]
 Real Time 1 [720x576]
 Premium Energy 24 [720x576]
 Premium Cinema HD (ENG) [1280x720]
 Premium Stories [1280x720]
 Premium Emotion HD [720x576]
 Premium Energy HD [720x576]
 Premium Investigation Discovery [720x576]
 Premium Calcio 3 HD [1280x736]
 Premium Calcio 5 HD [1280x720]
 Italia 1 HD [1920x1088]
 NOVE TV [1920x1088]
 Premium Crime HD [720x576]
 Premium Comedy HD [1920x1088]
 Premium Joy HD [1280x720]
 SUPER! [832x480]
 Discovery Travel & Living HD [928x528]
 Discovery Channel HD [1920x1088]
 Nat Geo HD [1280x720]
 Nikelodeon [1024x576]
 Discovery Science HD [1920x1088]
 Supertennis [1280x720]
 Boing [720x576]
 Cartoon Network [1920x1088]
 Cartoonito [720x576]
 Disney Chanel [1280x736]
 Fox Life HD [1280x720]
 LA 7 HD [1280x720]
 La 5 [72x4628]
 Milan TV [1280x736]
 Premium Action HD [720x576]
 Premium Crime 24 HD [720x576]
 Premium Crime HD [720x576]
 Premium Cinema Comedy [1920x1088]
 Premium Cinema 2 HD [720x576]
 Premium Studio Universal [1280x720]
 Primafilla 2 [1920x800]
 Primafilla 1 [1920x800]
 Premium Joi [720x576]
 Primafilla 3 [32x0]
 Primafilla 5 [1920x800]
 Primafilla 8 [720x432]
 Primafilla 6 [1920x800]
 Primafilla 4 [1920x800]
 Primafila 9 HD [1920x1040]
 Primafilla 10 [8x0]
 Primafila 11 HD [72x4628]
 Primafila 12 HD [1920x800]
 Primafila 14 HD [72x4628]
 Rete 4 HD [720x576]
 Primafila 15 HD [1296x544]
 Primafila 16 HD [72x4628]
 RSI La1 HD [1280x720]
 Primafila 13 HD [1920x1040]
 RSI La2 HD [1280x720]
 Sport Italia [720x576]
 SuperTennis HD [1280x720]
 Tg Com 24 [720x416]
IT | Premium Calcio 3* [1920x1080]
IT | Premium Calcio 1* [1088x720]
IT | Premium Calcio 5* [1920x1080]
IT | Premium Calcio 2* [720x576]
IT | Premium Calcio 4 [720x576]
 Rai Gulp [1920x1080]
 TOP CRIME [720x576]
 Teleticino [640x368]
 Milan Channel [1920x1080]
Mediaset Iris [720x576]
 Inter Channel [1280x736]
 Cielo [1920x1080]
 Real Time [1920x1080]
 Supercalcio HD [1920x1080]
 SPORT ITALIA [720x416]
 Rai Yoyo [1920x1080]
 Premium Studio Universal [1920x1080]
 Premium Sport 2 HD [1920x1080]
 Premium Disney Junior [1920x1080]
 Premium Comedy HD [720x416]
 QVC PLUS HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 Rbb Berlin HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 Premium Calcio 1 HD [1280x736]
 Premium Action HD [720x576]
 Pesca e Caccia [1920x1080]
 Nat Geo Wild HD [1280x720]
VIP IN: TEN 1 HD [1920x1080]
 tagesschau24 HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 QVC BEAUTY & STYLE HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 rbb Brandenburg HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
VIP AR: OSN BBC First [1920x1080]
 Discovery Travel&Living HD [1920x1080]
 YES 2 FHD [1920x1088]
 Mediaset Extra [720x576]
VIP IN: Tamil:Sun tv HD [1920x1080]
 FOX Sport HD [1920x1080]
VIP IN: & PICTURE HD [1920x1080]
Latino: Animal Planet [640x368]
 Discovery Science HD [1280x720]
 Premium Discovery HD [1920x1080]
IT | RSI La2 HD [1280x720]
VIP IN: &tv HD india [1920x1080]
 NTV [864x480]
 My Cuisine FHD [1920x1088]
 Fox Crime HD [720x576]
 KANAL 7 HD [1280x720]
VIP IN: Tamil:JAYA TV HD [1920x1080]
 YABAN TV [720x416]
 Animal Planet HD [1920x1080]
 CNN TÃœRK HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1088]
 TGRT HABER [656x368]
IT | Premium Cinema Energy [1280x720]
 MDR Sachsen HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 Cartoonito [1920x1080]
 MDR S Anhalt HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
IT | Rai2 HD [1280x720]
 HSE24 EXTRA HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
 History FHD [1920x1088]
VIP IN: M TUNES HD [1920x1080]
VIP IN: Hindi:NEWS X HD [1920x1080]
 SPORT1 HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
VIP IN: TentKotta HD [1920x1080]
 BENGU TÃœRK [640x368]
 Hr fernsehen HD [1920x1080]
 BEYAZ TV HD [1280x720]
YU: CMC [1920x1080]
VIP IN: Hindi:ZEE BOLLYWOOD HD [1920x1080]
 Mediaspar [1920x1080]
YU: Cinestar Premiere 1 [1920x1080]
 Premium Sport HD [1920x1080]
VIP IN: Ktv HD [1920x1080]
 MDR Thüringen HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]
YU: Nickelodeon [1920x1080]
 RD HD ( 1080P ) [1920x1080]

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